Reading Plus - Summer Reading Incentive

Dear Fairbanks Parents and Students:
Summer Break is the longest period of time each year when skills that we spent 180 days developing start to slip. That being said, Fairbanks students have access to Reading Plus to continue to build skills.

Reading is one area that impacts all others. To keep practicing and progressing, students continue to have access to this online reading improvement program we piloted and then adopted last year. Students need only to log on to to access their accounts: to log on, students use their ID numbers; most passwords remain morenci1. If you have forgotten your password, just call the school, and we can provide that information. Incoming fifth graders can also participate. Just stop by the school or call the office, and we will get you set up with an account.

Try to work on Reading Plus at least three times a week for 20 - 30 minutes at a time or work until you complete one full lesson, at least. Remember to attempt the vocabulary, too. Improving your word attack skills is critical to reading fluency and comprehension.

To provide an incentive to read, the 20 students who make the greatest gains and/or complete the most lessons with accuracy will be rewarded with a free August trip to Wet N Wild. Overall grades, attendance, and behavior have nothing to do with your eligibility for this outing! You simply need to commit to improve your reading - and most of us, including me, want to become better readers!

Some of our students are already active in Reading Plus, so let's get reading!
- Anna Van Zile

What's on your mind...

One thing I like about Fairbanks Middle School is that it is a bully free zone. Another thing I like is the field fun trips that they plan, and the different activities they set up during the trips.
- Aaron Arrietta

One thing I really like about Fairbanks Middle School is that the staff is great. Whenever I need something or need help, they are always there. The staff does an astounding job keeping the campus safe by keeping harmful stuff off of the campus. Another thing I like about Fairbanks Middle School is the Principal! The Principal is always helpful to the students when they need help. She always gives out some special incentive for the people that do everything they need to do in school. Sometimes even she will use her own money for the students! I like Fairbanks Middle School and proud to be here.
- Aaron Merz

One thing that I enjoy at Fairbanks Middle School is that we don’t exactly have an issue with bullying. The students are fairly nice and are happy to share with each other. Another thing I like about Fairbanks is the classes that we have; I like how we have a different class for every subject rather than like a Math and Reading teacher together as I have heard of that about other schools. Fairbanks Middle School is a really good place to be: the students are nice, the staff is very kind. Overall, it’s just a really good school.
- Isabelle Shock

One thing I really like about Fairbanks Middle School is the Drama Club. I like this because of the atmosphere the club maintains and the way the teachers in charge of the club split up the work and interact with the students. There is really no pressure to audition for roles. They also help the actors get into character.
- Kamrynn Thinn

Principal's Message

Dear Current and Prospective Parents/Guardians and Students:

On the heels of a terrific first semester, Fairbanks is ready to charge right in to 2018. Always looking to grow and improve, we make magic happen within all facets of our offerings to our students and the community.

From an academic standpoint, we are continuing with our emphasis on literacy and silent reading fluency across grades 5-8, with $15,000.00 from an $80,000 Fine Arts United Way grant designated for electronic book purchases, including classroom novels. Our students want to become better readers—and now they have some new tools to do just that.

More than anything, we at Fairbanks Middle School want our students to experience success: to learn and grow through their challenges both within the school and outside of it. And we are here to support them every step of the way—whether through personal connections with our students and/or staff, the support of after school tutoring or Saturday School, and/or the encouragement offered through participation in after school clubs or sports.

Though we are a little remote, our students have access to the world through personally issued Chromebooks for grades six through eight with fifth graders having access to classroom sets. What we may miss in metro proximity, we gain in community spirit. We are the Morenci Wildcats where we Care about each others, Act respectfully, Try our best, and Show pride and perseverance. Our CATS code represents who we are and what we stand for.

We launch 2018 with a new web presence, showcasing a range of academic and elective courses and clubs; we invite you to join in upcoming experiences including a Phoenix Symphony performance, Colorado skiing, Havasupai Falls hike, Disneyland choir performance, field trips to the Desert Sonoran Museum, the Renaissance Festival, and a rewards trip to Wet and Wild.

On behalf of Fairbanks MIddle School teachers and staff, wishes for a great spring semester and new year.


Anna Van Zile
Fairbanks Middle School Principal

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