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Fairbanks Parent Letter

November 2019 - Parent Letter

What's on your mind...

One thing I like about Fairbanks Middle School is that it is a bully free zone. Another thing I like is the field fun trips that they plan, and the different activities they set up during the trips.
- Aaron Arrietta

One thing I really like about Fairbanks Middle School is that the staff is great. Whenever I need something or need help, they are always there. The staff does an astounding job keeping the campus safe by keeping harmful stuff off of the campus. Another thing I like about Fairbanks Middle School is the Principal! The Principal is always helpful to the students when they need help. She always gives out some special incentive for the people that do everything they need to do in school. Sometimes even she will use her own money for the students! I like Fairbanks Middle School and proud to be here.
- Aaron Merz

One thing that I enjoy at Fairbanks Middle School is that we don’t exactly have an issue with bullying. The students are fairly nice and are happy to share with each other. Another thing I like about Fairbanks is the classes that we have; I like how we have a different class for every subject rather than like a Math and Reading teacher together as I have heard of that about other schools. Fairbanks Middle School is a really good place to be: the students are nice, the staff is very kind. Overall, it’s just a really good school.
- Isabelle Shock

One thing I really like about Fairbanks Middle School is the Drama Club. I like this because of the atmosphere the club maintains and the way the teachers in charge of the club split up the work and interact with the students. There is really no pressure to audition for roles. They also help the actors get into character.
- Kamrynn Thinn

Principal's Message

Dear Current and Prospective Parents/Guardians and Students:

If your child currently attends Fairbanks Middle School, congratulations and thank you! You and your child are part of an amazing school system and community in which your child and his/her academic and social progress matter. It’s more than just because we live in a small community; it has to do with the relationships we build with our students, their families, and the many partners in our community.

I consider myself fortunate to be part of this school district in this historically-rich mining town. Always looking to provide for its youth, Morenci Schools partners with Freeport McMoRan and many other entities such as Greenlee County Health Department, Sheriff’s Department, and the County School Superintendent as well as Morenci Fire, Clifton Fire, and Clifton Police. We also work closely with Eastern Arizona College, and, by extension, ASU and NAU. Since 2016, Fairbanks has benefitted from almost $100,000.00 in United Way grants, and we are currently in the last stages of a $2.2 million renovation to a building that hardly resembles one that has weathered more than 50 years.

Fairbanks is proud of our academic and extracurricular programs, offering sports (football, volleyball, cheer, wrestling, basketball, softball, baseball, and track) in addition to clubs like Knowledge Bowl, Student Council, NJHS, Yearbook, Science, Wildcat Coaches, Drama, Scrubs, Technocats, and Hike and Ski. This past May, five Fairbanks NJHS students each received $500 Outstanding Achievement Scholarships. In October, Sumitomo Metal Mining is sponsoring a travel opportunity to Japan for eight middle and high schoolers through our Hike and Ski Club. And our students still take field trips to the Desert Sonoran Museum, the Renaissance Festival, and reward trips to Hurricane Harbor and a Phoenix Suns Game.

Morenci students, K-12, have daily access to computers with our one-to-one program starting with fifth graders at the end of the first semester. Aside from providing access to technology, we ensure our students’ safety through the use of Content Keeper, our Internet filter, and Go Guardian, our classroom monitoring software. At the same time we are limiting our students’ access to cell phones this year to ensure that they are physically and mentally present for instruction.

The relationship our students have with our counselor, their teachers, and the administration provides an open line of communication among us to report concerns, provide feedback and suggestions, and make a positive difference. Next year this is strengthened through a local grant written between MUSD and Clifton Police to secure a school resource officer.

If you are considering enrolling your child in Morenci Schools and Fairbanks, give us a call or come by for a visit. We’d love to show you around and introduce you to our students and staff. Our district theme this year, “Still on the hill building champions,” references our history and our success.

On behalf of Fairbanks Middle School teachers and staff, I wish you a fantastic school year abounding in growth and success.


Anna Van Zile

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