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Famous People with Disabilities

  • Author John Milton
    He wrote the book Paradise Lost and was blind at the age of 44.
  • Author Hans Christian Anderson
    Is a noted author of children's stories and had a great difficulty learning to read.
  • Musician Ludwig van Beethoven
    Was a famous musician and was deaf.
  • Painter Leonardo da Vinci
    Was a famous painter and was learning disabled.
  • Sculptor Auguste Rodin
    Was said to be "uneducated".
  • Athlete Jim Eisenreich
    Right fielder for the Florida Marlins, has Tourette's Syndrome.
  • Athlete Neil Smith
    Professional football player for the Denver Broncos, is learning disabled.
  • Athlete Jim Abbott
    Major league pitcher for California Angels, is one-handed.
  • Athlete Wilma Rudolph
    Olympic track star, survived polio.
  • Athlete Bruce Jenner
    Olympic decathlon winner, is learning disabled.
  • Entertainer Walt Disney
    animator and movie producer, was dyslexic.
  • Entertainer Marlee Matlin
    Academy Award winning actress, is deaf.
  • Entertainer Kathy Buckley
    Comedienne, is hearing impaired.
  • Entertainer Stephen Cannell
    TV writer, producer and actor, is dyslexic.
  • Entertainer Tom Cruise
    Actor, is dyslexic. He learns his lines by listening to a tape recorder.
  • Entertainer Stevie Wonder
    Musician, is blind.
  • Scientist Alexander Graham Bell
    Inventor, was learning disabled.
  • Scientist Albert Einstein
    Famous physicist, was learning disabled and failed entrance exams for college. He later developed the theory of relativity.
  • Scientist Louis Pasteur
    A brilliant chemist, was rated as "mediocre" in chemistry.
  • Scientist Thomas Edison
    A gifted inventor, was dyslexic. It was said that he was "too stupid to learn".